Welcome to badgeflight.com, home of the "Claim Check" spreadsheet designed to evaluate FAI badge and record flights in gliders. Claim Check knows Sporting Code Section 3 ("SC3") rules, it applies SC3 provisions to real-world situations and it evaluates flight data to rigorous FAI standards.

Claim Check Excels in …

  • Concurrent Claims
All badge claims and declared records are analyzed in one evaluation. As with graphic software, each Free record requires a separate evaluation.

  • Way Point Analysis
All SC3 provisions for achieving declared Way Points are evaluated automatically - no need to tinker with user settings.

  • Task Analysis
Tasks are evaluated as flown, no matter whether a Turn Point was missed or not used in declared order. Corrections? just re-number the Turn Points.

  • Notes and Comments
Results are displayed clearly, with pertinent Sporting Code citations.

  • Accurate Results
The best possible performance, in compliance with current SC3 rules

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